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Welcome to the State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS). SLEIS was designed to facilitate the collection and reporting of industry emissions data for state and local governments. Your feedback regarding SLEIS is encouraged. To make an inquiry or suggestion, please click the submit general questions and/or comments link below.

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Prior to completion of the emission inventory: Please review all user information for each facility and if changes/updates to user information/user roles are necessary, please send an updated SLEIS application form to DEQ. Any users currently listed for the facility will be deactivated if they are not included on the revised application.

Registration for SLEIS requires that you download and fill out the SLEIS Application forms. The SLEIS Application forms can be submitted by e-mail for convenience. The Arkansas Point Source Inventory Facility General Information form will need to be completed and attached to each SLEIS report (using the “Report Attachments” tab) or the report will not be considered complete. The Responsible Official will need to complete and submit a signed hard copy of the Electronic Signature Agreement if one has not been submitted previously (This form only needs to be completed and submitted once per Responsible Official). Please mail or deliver completed Electronic Signature Agreements to the Arkansas Division of Environmental Quality. For any questions about this process please contact us.

Download registration forms