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EPA Updated Emission Factors for EGUs - EI Only


To assist State and local agencies in compiling data that is needed for purposes of developing the National Emissions Inventory (NEI), EPA developed emissions factors for Electric Generating Units (EGUs). These emissions factors were developed using about 200 of the over 400 stack test data that were collected as part of the Information Collection Requests (ICR’s) issued as part of the development of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) Rule. These factors were derived using an early version of EPA’s Draft 2013 Recommended Procedures for Development of Emissions Factors. These emissions factors have NOT gone through EPA public comment and review and therefore, should NOT be used for any purpose other than for development of the NEI. These factors are available in an Excel document at this link: ftp://ftp.epa.gov/EmisInventory/2011/doc/mats_efs_haps_with_eis.xlsx NOTE: Click on the "OPEN" button and it will take a few minutes to open.